Selected Monoprints and Monotypes

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Artist Information

Carolyn Land was born in Brooklyn, grew up in the New York City metropolitan area, and was exposed to the creative process at an early age. Her love of nature and the out-of- doors are reflected in her work. She has a BA in Art Education and an MA in Education, for which she presented a paper on “Motivation for Learning: Through the Arts”. She is the recipient of many awards and has work in both private and corporate collections

She has studied with well-known contemporary artists and authors. Artists in the field of Pastel: Marla Baggetta Allen Flatman, Richard McKinnley, Elizabeth Mowery, Maggie Price. Artists in the field of Abstraction: Carol Barnes, Mary Todd Beam, Gerald Brommer, Carrie Brown, Pat Dews, Maxine Masterfield.

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“I believe that the most authentic experience one can have is with nature. I am fascinated by the intricate designs that are created within the small space of one’s vision. The lines, forms, colors, and textures, of the natural elements are what motivate my art. As an artist, I reach deep within myself in order to express an image inspired by nature, or man’s interaction with it, that will touch the viewer as it has me, or cause the viewer to go on and look more closely at the wonders that surround us.

Mark making is a term applied to describe not only lines, but the patterns and textures that are created in a piece of art work. They are as personal to our creative endeavors as our signature and fingerprints are to us in everyday life. What is fascinating is how the marks we make can be varied by the tools we use to make them.

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