Selected Monoprints and Monotypes

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Artist Information

Sandra Daniel is an artist printmaker who lives and works in London, she graduated from Chelsea School of Art in 1984 with a distinction in Printed Textiles and continued her studies in fine art whilst embarking on a number of commercial projects and commissions. After college she taught at Kingsway Princeton-College London for one year.  Between 2003 – 2009 Sandra founded desertRose, an independent design company. Sandra’s work has been shown at the Bankside Gallery London, Barbican Library London, Works on Paper Fair London,  CYMK Pie Factory Margate, Oliver & Pink London,and shows at The Other Art Fair in London & Bristol and The Brighton Art Fair, Brighton. In 2010 She returned to college part time to study printmaking and is a member of the Printmakers Council where she exhibits as part of their long established group shows.  Her work is in the print collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum London.

Colour is the very first thing that I think about when starting to print. Shapes are arrived at from previous work and slowly morph into something else that resonants with me; the beginnings of a torn piece of paper, a shape that was printed on and now fragile and slightly damaged and shapes that often start out symmetrical but by folding and cutting become a new motif which I may or may not use.

I very seldom start new work with a completely new idea, all my work is somehow connected, I use the vocabulary of form, textures, marks, drawings, words and combinations of colours from older prints whether experimental or finished to constantly nourish new work, it’s like a very long sentence that doesn’t end.

Some of the prints which I have selected here are printed from an aquatint plate. Using the aquatint surface has given my colours more depth and brilliance. I find that there are so many options when using  a plate which has an etched surface; using stencils with texture or without and applying colour in layers builds an exciting surface. I work intuitively which means there is always an element of serendipity. Taking risks whilst printing is part of a playfulness that I consider to be an important element of my work.

I have also included my most current work; Hidden Truths, a series of varied editioned monoprints  which have been combined with etched plates. The curtain shape came about when I was cutting and preparing stencils, I love it for its prosaic quality and uncomplicated form.

Inspiration comes from several sources; words which I might have heard, seen or read, current news and the history of imperialism and colonialism. As I am an abstract artist these sources are visceral and might not be obvious to the viewer.  I am just touched, hurt and angry.  The clue to the subject matter of my work is sometimes in the title, except when it is Untitled!

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