Selected Monoprints and Monotypes

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Artist Information

Sarah Humby is British contemporary artist living and working in Dorset on the South coast of England. Born in Cornwall she trained at Falmouth School of Art in the 80’s and since moving to Dorset, in the late 90’s, has worked primarily as a painter and printmaker.

In 2008 she set up a life drawing group which has since become a popular networking point for local artists. Boscombe Life Drawing Group meets once a month and encourages artists of all abilities to practice drawing from the figure as a means of improving all areas of artistic practice.

In 2012 Sarah joined Linda E Sale to promote local artists under an umbrella group called ARTStorm; a group that has exhibited regularly since. One of the aims of ARTStorm is to help promote emerging local artists who have never exhibited before by offering support and assistance and opportunities to exhibit.

Sarah exhibits regularly in the UK and increasingly printmaking takes a larger spotlight in her practice, especially monotype and monoprint; the parallel with painting attracting her to the possibilities of one discipline informing the other.

In my studio, at the top of the house, under the eaves, sits my etching press and in the corner of the room stands my studio easel. These days, if I am not out in landscape making working drawings, you will find me in front of one or the other.

I live and work on the South coast of England and close to a World Heritage Site (The Jurassic Coast) and being out on the edge of the land, the boundary and the points where the land meets the sea is where my work begins. Sketches made in the field with a multitude of media from charcoal and pencil to watercolour and pastels help to record the environment and begin the process of creating work responding to and creating a dialogue with that place.

My work in the studio attempts to take those drawings and translate them into finished works. There is a symbiotic relationship between painting and printmaking that appeals to me. Working methods in one will very often introduce ideas and method in the other. The spontaneity of painting, for me, is balanced by the creative processes of printmaking. The remove from initial idea to finished work has more room for dialogue within the discipline of printmaking.

Monotype is where painting and printmaking come together. I paint directly onto copper or perspex (plexiglass) with oil based inks or oil paint; sometimes with a brush sometimes with rollers and then work into the medium with rags or scraping tools until I am happy with the image. Sometimes I will draw into the ink and sometimes I paint in a ‘traditional’ manner in a loose and free style.

Using my location sketchbooks as reference I find the process of working in reverse offers a chance for spontaneity and creative ‘accidents’ to develop. I know when the image has worked as it will offer a response to the sketch and the memory of the occasion on which it was made.

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